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[2018 MAMA] 10 of 10 Challenges Part 2 - Answer 15세 이상 관람가

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조회수 156 2018.11.30Mnet2분
Part 2: 2014-2018
Go over the answers of 10 of 10 Challenges Quiz!
This year, more spectacular performances are waiting for you!
It's time to master 2018 MAMA :)

10 of 10 Challenges 스피드 퀴즈 정답을 공개합니다!
더 어메이징한 올해의 MAMA! 놓치지 마세요 :)

2018 MAMA PREMIERE in KOREA | Dec.10
Dongdaemun Design Plaza

2018 MAMA FANS’ CHOICE in JAPAN | Dec.12
Saitama Super Arena

2018 MAMA in HONG KONG | Dec.14
AsiaWorld-Expo, Arena


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