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[메이플스토리] New Leaf Saga Short Sparky on a Mission

[MapleStory] New Leaf Saga Short Sparky on a Mission 전체 관람가
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조회수 564 2013.07.15
maplestory.nexon.net Len leaves Sparky alone with her stuff while she takes a much needed spa break. But when her weapon goes missing, Sparky is desperate to find it! Watch ALL of New Leaf Saga at http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=.... So you want to get started in Nexon's MapleStory? It can be a little bit baffling at times, as you could expect from starting a new game. But the New Leaf Saga is designed to help players get accustomed to the game through a gentle series of animated game videos showing off how the game works. Our last exclusive installment dealt with the plethora of classes available in the game, but the newest installment deals with a problem that can apply to almost any game. Our intrepid protagonist, still struggling to find her place within the game, is ready to head off and adventure with her pet dragon and her friend. Unfortunately, said friend needs to briefly step away from the computer to take care of some other matters, and the new girl starts getting a little bored. If you're a fan of MapleStory, new to the game, or just new to MMOs in general, skip on past the break to give the latest episode of the New Leaf Saga a quick watch.