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[메이플스토리] 얼라이언스 언 바운드 : 마스테리아

[MapleStory] Alliance Unbound: Masteria 전체 관람가
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조회수 1,915 2013.07.12
http://maplestory.nexon.net/ The Alliance is gaining ground, the Resistance is stronger than ever, and a new evil is rising! Rumors are bubbling up from the New Leaf City of Masteria about - aliens?! 얼라이언스는 땅을 얻고 있다, 저항은 그 어느때 보다도 강력하며, 새로운 악마가 상승합니다, 소문은 뉴 리프 시티 마스터리아 로부터 치유하고있는데,, New Leaf City and Masteria Expansion - A wave of supernatural earthquakes has rocked New Leaf City. Help Mayor Icebyrd Slimm get to the bottom of these phenomena. - Characters level 90 or higher can start the new Alien quest chain. - The first quest is [The Mayor of Disaster] from NPC Icebyrd Slimm, the Mayor of New Leaf City. - Players will be teleported to New Leaf City upon accepting [The Mayor of Disaster] quest. - New Leaf City can be reached through the Kerning City Subway Station. NPC Bell has the ticket. - New maps, items, quests, cut-scenes, monsters, and bosses were added to New Leaf City and Masteria. - Existing maps and quests were redesigned and improved. - Certain quests were removed from Crimsonwood Keep: Finding Jack, Translated Communique, The Marker of Heroism, The Brewing Storm, Storming the Castle, The Fallen Woods, The Right Path, The Fallen Warriors, Lost in Translation 1-3, and Stemming the Tide.